Friday, June 22, 2007

Life is good.

Things that remind you that Life is Good:

Two faces smeared with cupcake frosting- preferably bright, neon colors.
That joyous victory squeal as you pull the vinyl from the shed: "Yes, Mommy! POOL PARTY!!!"
A boy curled up in the crook of your knees.
A good-morning kiss that wakes you up- that you didn't even see coming.
Giggles from down the hall after bedtime stories are all read.
Pretending to make soda in the bath tub.
Getting in the car to the chorus of "An-muls!" knowing you're going to oblige with a trip to the petting zoo.
Tickle fights.

That first trip to see Dinosaurs at the Smithsonian.
A boy with a lollipop in each fist.
Teaching boys to play skeeball.
A big, chocolatey kiss... and you don't know where he got the chocolate.
Waking up to two boys on your bed... playing quietly.
The cheer when those boys discover your eye is open.
Watching a boy chase bumblebees in the clover- all afternoon.


kristina said...

And reading this loveliest of lists----good here too!

Niksmom said...

Oh how wonderful! Wow, I REALLY needed that today!