Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Surprise problem

This was a morning I was so glad we have the new locks.

White Car (our van) is in the garage being fixed, so we are temporariy in our old red Jeep to get around. Usually Joey is begging to "go in the Red Car" because he loves red, so I didn't worry too much. We also have Green Car, which is the car Allan takes to work.

Yesterday we played a little bit of musical cars because of the drum lesson timing, which is also on a new day (see what is coming yet?) So Joey and I ended up coming home in Green Car.

This morning, I was awakened by a wail... "Green Car gone!!!!" Rememebr, Green Car is the car Allan uses to go to work- and he went to work this morning. So we talked about Daddy going to work, but that made it worse- now he started to wail, "Daddy's gone! Daddy? Where are you?"

Andy was still sleeping, so I got Joey into his clothes, and then went to go put on clothes myself. Andy woke up, so I had to stop and put him together, too.

We came downstairs to find Joey with his shoes on (hey! Look! He put his shoes on all by himself!) pulling on the back door (the lock we just changed) sniffing about "Green Car! I want my Green Car!"

Poor little guy. Start of summer has his schedule all topsy-turvey. So I'm hugging him lots this morning.


Suzanne said...

It's sort of a joke in our house that we're locked in. I am happy to hear that Joey was not able to escape. I'm from Wisconsin, and I've been consumed by the wandering off of Benjy Heil. Makes us ask "where would Ezra go, if he did get out?" and how do you locate a child who won't answer your calls. (Answer, bring in Bob the Builder-theme. I don't know that this has been effective, but a good idea, imo)

Club 166 said...

We went thru a "bad period" for elopement a few years ago, when Buddy Boy was between about the ages of 3 and 6. He loved the game of "lose the parents" in public, and would actively try to leave the house to go exploring whenever possible.

I considered a GPS wristband


but for various reasons finally decided against it. If we had lived in a more rural community, I might have gone for it.


Suzanne said...

Sad update to Benjy's story. His body was found today in a nearby creek.