Monday, July 09, 2007


In another big banner, get out the prize box, chocolates all-round, where's the champagne day (We're on a streak! Look out, world!) we have added a new food to the diet. I would not say that Joey is a complete neophobe like Whitterer's guys, but food is something of an issue. Let's just say I never intended to raise my kid on mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs, but we seem to eat an awful lot of them around here. And I should have bought stock in Pepperidge Farm. At any rate, adding a new food is big news around here.

The food is fried clams.

No idea why. I mean, I like fried clams. I like steamers, too, come to think of it. But of all the strange-texture, weirdo-foods to suddenly decide to eat... fried clams? What gives? But I'll take it. New food!!! Schwan's makes lovely fried clams that you actually can bake in the oven. WE also invest in Schwan's hot dogs, they are better than ANYTHING you can get in a grocery (a LOT less greasy). We don't have a Schwan delivery person in town, but they do stop at Mom's, so every other week I'm on the phone now... "Yes, Mom, we need a box of hot dogs, a box of quesadillas, a bag of potstickers..." and now I can add "and a box of clams!" (The quesadillas and the potstickers are for me. We haven't gotten the boys to brave those, yet).

Woo-hoo!!! What a week I'm having! May everyone have weeks like this!!!


VAB said...

We all take what we can get. Our guy supplements his diet of "white stuff" with olive oil, seaweed and green tea. They aren't usually the first green things a kid get to like (did he never hear of broccoli?) but, like you, we aren't going to be picky over appearances.

Congratulations on the new food!

Maddy said...

Good grief, I hope it's contagious. We too should have taken out shares in Pepperidge Farm.
Do they eat brownies by any chance? If you want to be truly wicked to your children you can take a 10 oz box of frozen spinach [thawed of course] and whizz it in the magimix [cuisinart?] with a packet of brownie mix. There is a slight tinge of green but they eat it anyway [and they LIKE them]

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I am going to second both your Woo Hoo and mcewen's hoping it's contagious. As mama to a the true king of food neophobes (our accepted foods number 4, if you include milk as a food) -- I know how to crow with joy with the best of them whenever a kid likes a new food.

Niksmom said...

Ok, referring bcak to your latest post (the meme), can I rub your future-buddah belly for luck and pray that MAYBE Nik will actually eat ANYTHING?? Despite the gluten/casein-free attempts, I think I would give him ANYTHING right now if he would actually eat it! Wow, fried clams???? Ooh, weird texture for sure! Go figure!