Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yep, as expected, my last post was clearly taken as I feared it would be. So I'm just going to take a break for a while, I think. Parents are not permitted to be frustrated, and I find that insanely frustrating. TO TEARS FRUSTRATING.


Niksmom said...

Hi Joeymom...did I miss something? Is there a post you put up then removed? I hope everything is ok...and shame on anyone who is bullying others into retracting statements of feelings of frustration! It is human nature and a part of life.

JM, please email me if you need anything? We'll miss you...don't be gone too long ok?

xo Niksmom

MonkeyGirl said...

If people give you grief, screw 'em!

You don't answer to them.

Please don't be gone too long. I need your perspective to keep me from killing my step-kid. ;-)

I think you're an awesome mom. And I knew exactly what you meant in your last post. I thought it was a fantastic post.

So there.

abfh said...

I hope it wasn't my comment that upset you. I did not mean that you (or parents in general) should never be frustrated, but rather, that occasional frustration and difficulties are a natural part of the human condition, no matter what sort of neurology one might be dealing with.