Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Four Second Fury

If you have ever played Four Second Fury, you have a concept of my life. I understand that this is normal for people with small children.

The boys are outside. I have exactly four seconds to blog.

Oops, missed the opportunity. Now they are outside again. Now I have four sec

Back outside. My ac unit is hating me right now. So are the cats. But at least I have four seconds to

Sitting on the couches now. Maybe I can

Yes. Four second fury. How much can YOU type in four seconds?


Ange said...

In 4 seconds I can type this mu

Maddy said...

Sorry my timers [and I have many] count minutes, seconds are well out of my league. My recommendation, not that you asked, is to become nocturnal, although I suspect that sanity is severely encroached upon by sleep deprivation!

Stimey said...

Yep, that's about how it is over here, too.

Oops, time's up!

kiribako said...

Well, I'm in Texas, living the life of a parent. I've caught a few hours at coffee shop (no Internet access - because I didn't pay) and library (flaky access - but I don't pay taxes here or anything) while my friend Marina and her 4-yr-old Greg are at day care. I thought I would get many hours of work on a typical day, but now I'm not so sure. Greg likes me, which means that every 15 seconds he invites me to "watch the dinosaurs!" (VHS tapes of Jurassic Park). If I decline, he asks again. Sometimes I think the television is paying him to get me to watch it.