Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy July Fourth

Just some thoughts on freedom...

I am free to take my autistic child into public. I can teach him hands-on how to deal with social situations, different lighting, and public spaces.

I am free to hug my boys tight. And smooch them. And poke their tummies. And tell them I love them.

I am free to get my children medical treatment wherever I want. I might have to pay for it, but I am free to do it.

I am free to drink a beer in front of my kids in my own back yard.

I am free to feed my kids healthy food and clean water.

I am free to speak and educate people who come up to me and complain about my child's behavior. I am free to discuss autism. I am free to discuss sesnory integration disorder. I am free to tell them to shut up and leave me alone.

I am free to take my children to Church. I can even go twice a week and let Joey listen to the music on Saturdays. I am free choose the church, temple, spiritual circle, or other religion and religious area or group in which my child will be raised to understand God. Or no religion at all, if I so wish. I am even free to visit religious structures and groups other than the one I belong to.

I am free to blog about my children, my life, autism, sensory integration disorder, or anything else that is on my mind.

I am free to buy milk, or anything else I need, on Sunday.

I am free to telephone my friends, from my own livingroom.

I am free to spend evenings soaking in a bathtub with lots of bubbles and a glass of wine, and any book I want to read.

I am free to drive my kids to therapy, the store, the toy store, the farm, the mountains, the beach, or anywhere else I want.

I am free to refuse to allow a gun in my home.

I am free to walk across the street and talk to my neighbors, and let my kids play with their kids, no matter who they are.

I am free to kiss my husband. Whenever I feel like it.

I am free to wear my hair any way I like, and color it bright pink if I so desire.

I am free to write emails to my representatives in government and educate them about autism and special education.

I am free to wear comfy t-shirts and jeans.

I am free to let the dishes sit in the sink, let the grass go to seed, or let the laundry pile up on the floor. I am also free to clean the dishes, cut my own grass, and fold my laundry, even if it is a day or two later than planned.

I am free to teach my kids song lyrics such as For What It's Worth, To Everything There is a Season (Turn, Turn, Turn), or even England Swings.

I am free to be me.

Not everyone on this planet is so lucky, folks.


MonkeyGirl said...

Very nice. Thank you.

Niksmom said...

Well said. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

Maddy said...

England Swings!?# Oh dear me no, I don't think I'll be teaching my little Americans any such thing, especially on the 4th of July! Isn't that treason or something or other?

kristina said...

Hope your 4th was a good one---let freedom ring!