Saturday, November 03, 2007


We re in the midst of the joys of old bathrooms. This house is funny that way. The stuff in teh front of the house- built in 1929- gives us little trouble. Stuff in teh addition- circa 1983 downstairs and circa 1994 upstairs- is a mess. I mean a mess. This week its the shower. I think they must have tried to do the tiling themselves. Now we're trying to decide whether to just get a liner and seal the trashwork in, with the assumption that we will be ripping out most of this part of the house in about three to five years, or to do real repairs.

In anticipation of the grand event, we need to shut down teh use of our shower, and use the boy's bathroom. The caulk around the tub was cracking, so if it was about to be heavily used for showers instead of baths, it was time to re-caulk- or face another fun-filled bathroom problem. So I got out my handy-dandy scraper, got the old caulk off, put some fresh caulk down (new caulk is really wild stuff- far less conspicuous than the old stuff. Or I'm doing something really, really wrong.) The new caulk requires 36 hours to cure before exposing to moisture.

It went on so beautifully that it is (clearly) making me a little uncomfortable. So I checked it again this morning, and redid any spots that looked like they might be dodgy. We already had one night of no bathing the boys- two in a row won't do. We need a bathing solution.

That appears to be taking Indian-style showers in our bathroom. You know, the one we're supposed to be shutting down. :P Now imagine this: two boys. Water in a bucket. Soap.

Am I the only one who foresees two small, naked, wet, soapy bodies hurtling through the upstairs with squeals of glee?

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Casdok said...

A hose in the garden??