Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Food Consumption Resumes

Omnicef. Yay. His ear still hurts, but at least Andy is eating again. Kinda. More than not eating at all. I'll take it. Fruit snacks make headway into the household. Dinosaur-shaped, for extra positive reinforcement and enticement.

Why they don't just print "candy" across the box... oh, right. Marketing.

Need to clean things. House. Disaster. Child needs more tylenol before he starts screaming again. Nothing done. Printer out of toner. No chance of getting to Staples today. Again.

i need to eat something.


Patrick said...

Glad to hear that solid food is again on the menu!

Ange said...

um, press the "easy" button? Oh yeah, that doesn't work in real life. *pout*