Friday, April 18, 2008

No. Not going here.

So last night, Joey discovered that you can use poo to write words on the toilet seat.

Allan kept his cool, explained that this was unacceptable behavior, had him clean it up, and continued with bedtime routine.

Unfortunately, this all occurred in front of Andy. So when Andy was at school, and had a nice little BM (which is unusual at school), he decided to try out Joey's little trick.

No. no. no. We are not going here.


Stimey said...

Oh no. Oh dear God, no. I am so sorry. How totally unfortunate.

Club 166 said...

Buddy Boy has been using his poop as a way of showing us how angry he is, leaving it in his nightstand and closet.

Not very cool.


Casdok said...

C used to be very artistic in the area too!!