Monday, August 11, 2008

Farewells: A New Year Turns

As summer draws to its close and a new school year dawns, it is time for Andy to say goodbye to old friends. First, a goodbye to his first successful preschool teacher, who has also run his summer camp classes, Andy's Mrs. S (not to be confused with Joey's Mrs. S). We brought Andy to her class with some trepidation, as he had a lot of sensory issues and an unsuccessful preschool experience. Fortunately, Mrs. S runs a tight ship, and Andy learned what was expected of him double-quick. She was sensitive enough to his sensory needs that together, they were able to negotiate a successful preschool experience! Andy loves his school, he loves Mrs. S, and we will miss her. At least he will see her around and about next year!

However, we will not be seeing MIss Cindy any more. Sadly, she is moving to Texas. We said goodbye to Miss Cindy on our final visit on Friday. I don't think Andy really understands, but we're going to handle it just like another new teacher, because he will get a new therapist. We don't know who just yet. The difference Miss CIndy has made in our lives is earth-shattering. Without other serious issues to address, sensory integration OT really does work wonders with sensory integration disorder. We have gone from a child we thought would be going into special ed, to an excellent shot of him entering a "regular" kindergarten class (though I'm personally shooting for the inclusion class- I know those teachers ROCK!) Goodbye, Miss Cindy. Thank you. We miss you already.

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