Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not missed

I got Joey onto the bus this morning, did a few needed chores, and went to get Andy.

When I arrived at Grandma's, they were on Grandma's bed, reading a book, and living it up. They had already had breakfast and washed up. They had talked much of the night,and had fun.

Andy had no desire to go home. Even now, as he prepares for his bath, I can hear, "Want to sleep at grandma's!"

We are planning on Joey's sleepover, coming soon. We know Joey is going to need a lot more prep than "wanna stay the night?" while sitting in Grandma's driveway. It will take more prep on mom's part to distract him when he arrives, and keep him focused on the activities they will do, and the activities need to be planned and prepped, to that he stays engaged. However, it should be fun to have him all to herself.

I suspect that once again, we won't be missed.


Niksmom said...

No matter how you slice it, that's a BIG milestone! Congrats!

Stimey said...

I wish we had a nearby Grandma to host sleepovers. What a great idea to do it one at a time too.