Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Two Princes

Our slumber party at Grandma's actually went really well. We had a Blue's Clues Roller-Coaster Birthday Slumber Party, with popcorn and mac and cheese and presents (they each got a Blue's Clues playset) and sleeping in Grandma's bed! We munched popcorn through Hanna, which was little more than a prolonged summer storm here. No real flooding.

Today we wandered into the woods to see how high the river was. I grew up in these woods. There was once a well-trod path here, beaten smooth by the passing feet of myself and my brother nearly every day. Now my sons had a look at their future domain, two princes of the woods where their mom once roamed free.

I was roaming mostly free in these woods by the age of seven, when we started building the house. I would run down the path into adventure and freedom, and return with the ringing of the ship's bell my mom and dad mounted on our porch. When you heard the bell, it was time to come home. I assure you that bell is very loud, and carries a lot farther through those woods than one might expect.

Joey is now six years old. There was a time when I thought by now we'd be spending summer afternoons with Joey wandering through these woods regularly. That has not been the case. WIll he ever roam free in these trees, in his own little kingdom? Will he learn to return with the clang of the bell? That day certainly is not yet here. I thin kit will come, but not today.

We wandered over to the garden, too, but the deer ate most everything we planted there. I am dreaming of building something of a walk-in cage for future planting, but when will I have time and resource to build such a thing? Anyway, by that time, most of what was being said were whines, as if they were allergic to the woods and outside. I think we need to take more walks together! Beat down the paths a little more!

I couldn't even get Joey to look at the swollen river, or the trees, or anything. He was preoccupied with branches constantly brushing him and insects buzzing about and being tired. I may come some mornings and hack at the trees and the paths so he can get more used to being outside, being in the woods, and has some set paths he can use before he strike out to make his own.

Andy was being persnickety, too, though he had more interest in the woods, like the tree we saw that had been beaver-felled, and the small yellow flowers, and looking for spider webs. He's not old enough to be wandering about unsupervised, but I still need to get him out into the woods more. I hate to see them both with forest allergy.

In the end, we retreated to the walking along the driveway. Joey is much more comfortable with having the set road to follow. Again, maybe if I make more paths clear, my little prince charmings will be more willing to survey their domain.

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