Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn Evenings

We were outside, enjoying the warm autumn evening. I miss the trees that used to be in the yards around us; the fall isn't the same without the changing red leaves of the dogwood or the brilliant yellow of the old Tree of Heaven trees and mulberries. They all went down with Isabel. The neighbors used to have cherry trees, but when they also went with Isabel, they planted pear trees- not as nice, either.

But the roses are having their fall bloom, and I am working on getting things cleared out and mulched in. I know you shouldn't mulch before first frost, but I have to do what I can when I can, or it doesn't get done at all. I picked some zinnias to take into the house. The boys were playing- Andy in sandbox, Joey with his hulahoop. He likes to pretend he is a car, with the hoop around his waist. Andy's dinosaurs were rescuing each other. Joey was zooming around the yard. I took a break from yardwork to sit on my bench- which could use a good coat of paint.

Then Joey sits next to me.

"Let's have two seats," he says. "Let's go!"
"You're driving," I smile to my left at him. He grins and vrooms.
"Where are we going?" I ask casually.
"We're taking Grandma home. Then we go to the store."
I watch him pretending to drive, happy as a clam. Vroom!
"What do we need at the store?" I ask.
"Cookies! We need cookies. Better go to the store!"

And he's off, the hula hoop around his waist.

How far we have come.

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