Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Story

For bedtime, we often read a story, and lately, Andy and I have been making up a story about T-Rex and the Blue Lizard. The story usually begins, "Once Upon a Time, T-Rex Andy was stomping through the woods..." and then we have Mommy make up a little adventure, then Andy takes up the thread (when I say, "The End", Andy then says, "Then..." and starts his own story). Joey can hear us doing this in Andy's room while he is having his own ritual in his own room with JoeyAndyDad.

Joey decided tonight that he wanted to make up a story, too.

With a little help from JoeyAndyDad, Joey made up his own story. He wanted to talk about Hopkins (from Signing Time) and Blue (from Blue's Clues... he's been on a bit of a Blue's Clues kick), so Dad suggested Blue could Skidoo into Signing Time to play with Hopkins. So Joey made up his own adventure, where Blue was trying to tell everyone she wanted to learn to sign! (Blue in the Treehouse was the first clue, Blue's paws were the second clue, and a frog was the third clue!)

How cool is THAT?


Casdok said...

Very cool! :)

Niksmom said...

If I knew the sign for "Way Cool!" you can bet I'd be doing it right now! :-))

Maddy said...

It's phenomenal what they can link together. Delightful.