Friday, November 28, 2008

Crossing Herald Square

I recommend making bacon turkey.

We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving- a good thing, because both boys are coughing their heads off. Consequently, we are also having a quiet Black Friday. I have a fire in the fireplace, Zaboomafu on the TV, and Max and Ruby on the kitchen computer. the boys haven't had a single quarrel. Andy make a scratch-snowflake and a sticker picture. Joey has drawn from conversation story-boards. Yes, life is quiet here at the homestead.

The most important thing that happens on Thanksgiving day? Santa crosses Herald Square, of course! That was the only part of the parade the boys were impressed with at all- and they weren't that impressed. However, we can now take down the fall decorations, and get ready for the sparkles and twinkles of Christmas to be upon us! So I've been spending this nice quiet day very quietly taking down hand turkeys, pumpkins, pheasants, pilgrims, and leaves. When will I get the chance to put out Christmas?

I have no idea.

(The trauma continues)

While the boys are quiet and resting (and hopefully getting better- having a quiet day is nice, but not at the cost of my guys feeling bad. :( ) I also need to dig up recipes for leftover turkey. Think that is the #1 Google search today? I have less turkey left than I expected- partly because the cats broke into the container I had packed for Evan while I putting the boys in last night, and ate every last scrap. At least they got a Thanksgiving feast. :)

So welcome to the holiday season. I love Christmas.

Santa crosses Herald Square.

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Stimey said...

"My turkey chased me." Oh, that poor kid.

Glad it was good, but for the coughing.