Saturday, November 29, 2008

A tale of two boys

Joey likes blue.
Andy likes red.

Joey likes the computer.
Andy likes the TV.

Joey wants to watch Cars.
Andy wants to watch Zoboomafoo.

Joey eats Mac and Cheese.
Andy eats calamari.

Joey likes cars and fish.
Andy likes dinosaurs.

Joey dislikes the heat.
Andy dislikes the cold.

Joey likes to motor-mouth.
Andy prefers silence.

Joey likes chocolate.
Andy likes jelly beans.

Joey cannot stand mint.
Andy would eat the toothpaste if I didn't hide it.

Joey likes to carry his Bus.
Andy likes to carry his Blankie.

Joey only eats blueberry-flavored applesauce.
Andy eats any applesauce except blueberry flavored applesauce.

Ah, the diversity of humanity, in my own little house. Both of my beautiful, wonderful, squishy boys!!!


Casdok said...

Great post and beautiful said!

Niksmom said...

would seem they complement each other well. LOVE the pictures! They are two of the happiest guys I've seen!

Stimey said...

That could either go really well or really badly for you. No fighting over the same thing, but no agreements.