Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beware the Melting Ice Cream

The saga continues: it is Melty Day, and the trigger for today is ice cream.

Ice cream melts if you don't eat it quickly, especially if it is 80 degrees outside and you are in a sunny car. When it melts, and you have it on a cone, it drips. Those drips might get on your hand. And if you still fail to lick the ice cream, it starts to melt faster, and get drippier.

Hence, Mom in all her glory and stupidity bought the boys ice cream cones today. In 80 degree weather. In a sunny car. With no dish.

In the end, I had a child screaming in frustration and panic with pink ice cream from his hair, down his entire face and front, and into his lap. I managed to get him cleaned up, and with a small dish of ice cream in stead of a cone.

The whole reason from my point of view that we were getting the ice cream is because when Joey's tummy hurts, he's been wanting ice cream; the cold makes it feel better. He's bee very off-kilter today, and finally mentioned his tummy was "burning." So I got him ice cream. Unfortunately, when the tummy is uncomfy, we are on hair trigger.

We have a sonogram on June 30. Maybe we can get some answers then. But I don't think I'll hold my breath.

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