Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The old joke

So my kids have been home since Friday, and today is Wednesday. Looks like tomorrow's school will be a wash, too. I'm not too hopeful for Friday. Oh, and they have Monday off. Our school system isn't even thinking about what days to use for make-ups until March!

Shopping to replenish supplies for ourselves and my mom yesterday, there were a lot of those "oh, no, the kids are home, AAAA!" jokes being passed around. Even one of the stockers smiled at me and conveyed condolences for having two little guys "stuck at home."

It was a huge reminder of how lucky I really am. I have two boys at home to hug, squish, smooch, and play games with. We can go sledding, play in the yard, and drink hot chocolate. We've had a marathon of Zoboomafoo, Wonder Pets, Peep, and Magic School Bus, sprinkled with Toy Story and Cars. We play Twister, Shopping Center, Feed the Kitty, Pushover. We're baking another cake today. I'm considering playdough.

Are we running out of things to do? Kind of. But don't send me any pity- I have two good, good boys, and we're enjoying ourselves today. Right now, they're pretending to be fish in the living room. Um, excuse me... I've just been told I'm a shark...

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Usethebrains Godgiveyou said...

You really enjoy your children! I can't think of a greater joy as a parent. Nor a better "therapy" for any child!