Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow snow snow snow snow

We have a saying here: if there is a high over New England and a Low in Atlanta, it is time to go to the Grocery Store. A Big Storm around here is six inches of snow. Twelve inches is Snowmageddon. KillStorm 2010 was about 15 inches here, about 20 down by my mom. So normally, tomorrow's storm would have caused raging panic. But on the heels of the Snowpocalypse, a prediction of 6-12 inches is now laughable.

All the same, after having my mom just survive 53 hours without power and spotty heat through the coldest temperatures of the winter, I'm a bit on the nervous side about tomorrow. We've had a bit of a roller-coaster here, and here comes our second time around in a week. All fine if you don't have to go anywhere and have your power. Not so great if either of those things are nixxed.

What a year to lose our Jeep.

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