Friday, April 30, 2010

Baseball Adventures

Another weekend is upon us, so it must be time for baseball! Joey's Challenger's league teams up with the local high schools, and a high school player "buddies up" with a Challenger player to support them through the game. We get helpers from both Courtland and Spotsy, but mostly Courtland. All of Joey's helpers so far have been Courtland players.

Courtland played Spotsy at Courtland this evening, so Joey and I went to cheer on our friends. Now, this was a kind of odd situation. See, Joey's team is obviously Courtland, since all his helpers have been from there (and really, they have been fabulous!). But I went to high school at Spotsy. So it was very, very, very strange to be sitting in the Courtland stands, cheering for the boys in blue instead of big red. Very odd indeed.

We did get to see one of our friends make a home run, and another get on base. Joey was very excited about the home run. The game started after Joey's usual bedtime, so we only got to see a couple innings, but he insisted on getting a Courtland cap. It's always a good thing to support your friends.

Thank you, Courtland High School baseball. Go Cougars!

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