Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Fun

The dyeing of the eggs.

Joey kept getting put off by the term "egg dyeing." We finally had to just go with "egg coloring." Death is a bit of a trigger around here these days.

Hunting for the eggs

Both guys did a pretty good job with the egg hunt this year. Visual scanning is not Joey's strong suit, so egg hunts are a bit of a challenge. I did a mixed bag of hidden eggs and eggs just sitting out, and they got a pretty even share of eggs between them, with minimal help for Joey.

After all that hard work, a boy gets his just reward. Don't worry, Andy did the same thing, the photos just didn't turn out as well.

Then we worked off that candy with a good round of toss-the-ball-on-the-roof. He tosses it as high as he can onto the roof, and then catches it when it rolls back down. Should be good practice for basketball season.

A Boy and His Dad.

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