Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My nose knows

I think my body is trying to tell me something.

I have been really sensitive to smells- like, the way I was when I was young, or pregnant. Strange things bother me. I can't take the smell of potato chips or Cheetos. I took the boys for half-price Happy Meals, and gagged as I passed the food back, the smell of the fried food! Argh! Two weeks ago, neither of these scents would bother me. Today? Gag. Chocolate hasn't turned me on, either, lately.

Fortunately, staying away from chips and bad junk food isn't much of a loss. But please, dear nose, don't take away my love of gingerbread or grandmother's rose. Leave me my honeysuckle. Don't mess with my sandalwood soap. Thanks.

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