Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Digital Day!

Don't you just love the digital age? We do! So Happy Digital Day!

Why do I love the digital age?

I can scan all of Joey's paperwork into my computer. If I lose anything, I just print it again. In meetings with really savvy folks, I don't have to print it at all; I can just search the desktop for what I need. Oh, and can cross-reference with supporting studies and articles, which I can also keep on my laptop for quick access.

I can get research materials delivered right to my laptop. Most journal articles are available in digital formats through my library website, which makes them searchable and instantly retrievable. Many books are also available this way. No need to go plowing through card catalogues for hours trying to find something that might or might not be relevant to what I am researching.

I can talk to my friends and send them awesome cards instantly.

I can send a letter to a friend in India, and get a reply as soon as they log in- sometimes in 15 minutes.

I can carry my entire collection of music and books in my hand, all the time.

If somebody asks me to back up facts about anything with hard study, I don't have to come back in a couple days. Now I can just say, "OK. Give me five minutes... oh, wait, here you go."

I can shop for fabric online, not just be limited to whatever they happen to have at my local store.

With one tweet, everybody can know what's up.

I can have a lot of photos in one frame on my wall- it changes every 2 minutes.

My students have Instant Access to their professor, any time of day or night.

I can watch movies in my house.

I can work from my house- and have a job that is sufficiently challenging and well-paid.

I can reach my son's teachers with important information, day or night.

I can own a computer, and have it fit in my hand.

I know you. And that is totally awesome.


Casdok said...

Mind blowing isn't it?!

Crimson Hawk said...

Indeed it is. We think it's awesome. So much so, we created a holiday to celebrate the digital age. Come join us by remembering Life Before Digital.

Stimey said...

I would think that you would not so much care for your students to have instant access to you at all times.

I am also a big fan of digital, although not so much of binary. Alex was explaining how 101010=42 today and it took me a while to get it.

Joeymom said...

See? It's perfection- we always knew digitization was the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything!

Niksmom said...

Love the last line the best. YES! :-)