Friday, November 19, 2010


So I walked into my meeting today- with Joey's principal- with a list of demands in hand. Because this is getting really frickin' ridiculous. And I'm getting really, really tired of Joey coming home so upset and frustrated that he tries to jump in front of moving cars.

I walked out with several items Joey needs being ordered Monday morning (because they want to make sure they are ordering everything they think they might want to try); a meeting set up next week with the Director of Student Services about getting an autism resource room and teacher for Joey's school AND a competent OT for Joey right now; and the principal is going to have the teachers reconsider the lack of safe space in one of the classrooms Joey is in. Oh, and because Joey has been running to the principal's office, he is thinking about just setting up a corner in his office for Joey to run to, thus making Joey's paths more predictable when he bolts.

Yeah, things are looking like they might be in motion at last. The biggest thing is not if there will be an autism room, but when, and what we do for Joey in the meantime.


farmwifetwo said...

I was told yesterday that b/c he's transitioned well, his Teacher is meeting his sensory and break needs they are discharging my OT... UNIMPRESSED!!! Yes, the Teacher is amazing, but put kids like mine on consult services incase it goes to..... shhhhhhiiiiittttt.... He's AUTISTIC. Sigh..... I knew it was coming.

Love the idea of a safe space in the Principal's office, or if they have a regular resource room or even the library.... somewhere, where someone should be there all the time. In the classroom mine has a tent with cusions and a light - like coloured Xmas lights, or a bean bag chair, or he can go to the gym and ride the bike. The first 2 they could put in the "safe space". They are working on teaching mine to recognize when he needs a break - right now telling him and giving him those 3 options - some means of Joey being able to do the same, or even for now having the Teacher ask him if he needs a break when she sees he's having difficulty - and getting it.

Ever feel like all we do is NAG!! :) I keep getting told the word is "advocate"... feels more like NAG!!!

Stimey said...

Good for you! And I'm glad your school is coming around!

Club 166 said...

Getting bureaucracies to move is like steering an oil tanker. Takes lots of time, and produces results ever so s-l-o-w-l-y.

Glad to see that things are happening.


Amanda said...

You are an awesome mama-bear! Go you, and go Joey!