Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mama Bear Growls

I have a meeting with the teachers set up for tomorrow. I've warned them that I want to know exactly what they think they need to meet Joey's needs.

I have a meeting with the principal on Friday. This is where I will present said needs and those I feel are not being met, and how I expect them to be met.

Then I am going to come home and call the Director of Student Services, so I can provide them with an earful of exactly what I think of Joey's current educational program, with his report card to back me up.


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farmwifetwo said...

I call myself a "Professional Nag". School systems run.... ironically when I say that to the outside supports - speech, OT and now applying for a device - I get told "No advocate".

Sometimes you just have to be that way. Talking to teachers and professionals, we're only 25% of the special ed parents - the rest expect someone else to do it. No wonder school's can't be bothered.

Something I discovered - in Dec the gr 4 to 6's at little boys school are going to the Comm Ctre - including the Dev class. They can swim or skate. Mine takes swimming lessons and is going swimming. It is the day after my surgery so Mom is going to deal with changing in the lifeguard bathrooms. BUT, I wanted to make certain he had support in the pool - fish = dangerous. Yes, the EA's are going, yes, the male one will be in the pool with him. Unlike a reg class where he had 1:1 now he shares support, so I had concerns. What shocked me was her surprise that he was going...WT?? He's never missed a field trip yet. Supposedly most of her parents won't send them...WT??? I've only been to the one's to the pool, even the water park I didn't go and his EA took him.

Why keep them back???