Monday, May 16, 2011

Missed Blogiversary

Oopsie, I forgot to toot the horn on the 9th for my blogiversary. And it was a big one- five years!

Five years ago, I was a mom getting bearing in a sea of anxiety, misinformation, discrimination, and panic. I saw others floundering all around me. I decided the information I had might help somebody else who was feeling lost, alone, scared, angry, disappointed, and floundering. I picked up my blog account from a blog I didn't make a go of, and started writing.

It was cheaper than therapy.

Joey was four years old. He was still in preschool. He had been going to preschool for two years. He was still mostly non-verbal- every word, every sentence was celebrated here, with you. Our school situation was in IEP crisis mode. We still get that. Our lives were dominated by Oobi, Pinky Dinky Doo, Little Bear, Potty Power, and yellow school buses. Meltdowns were a daily thing, so much so that they went unblogged.

The contrast in those early posts between Joey and Andy was so marked- Andy could talk, Andy could interact, Andy could point. He was only two years old.

It's been a long road, and we look forward to the overgrown thicket of a road ahead. Hopefully we can improve on the pruning of the folks who blazed the trail before us. My boys are the most awesome people, and I just want the whole world to be warmed a little from their sunshine, especially on the cold and raw days that so many of us struggle through.

Thank you for all the positive support and comments that have kept us snuggly on our bitter days. Feel free to make yourself at home on the comfy couches of this corner of the internet!


Stimey said...

Five years IS a biggie. Congratulations! You have done a lot of good out here. You really have. I know that you were one of the first (and the most welcoming) blogs about autism that I read. So glad that it was the catalyst for our friendship!

Niksmom said...

I woul dlike to simply say "ditto!" to what Stimey wrote. ALL OF IT! xo

Mrs. Frogster said...

I have been really enjoying reading your blog as of late. My son was diagnosed with autism at age 3 (last year) and I have been searching the internet for things to read and educate myself on the subject. More importantly, I needed to find some people that "get it" and feel support. I love that about your blog - I can read your posts and think, okay, she "gets it"! thank you and please keep it up!