Thursday, May 03, 2007

Going to be a Long Night

We had a Special Education Parent Advisory meeting this evening. This is a meeting where parents of kids with special needs are supposed to meet and advise the school personnel about what the school needs to be doing to help these kids. What it actually entails is the school personnel running their mouths as long as possible until the meeting is adjourned and the same five parents can go drinking together and complain about school personnel. I am the Fearless Leader (Chair) of this glorious event. hree years ago when I took on this mission, I thought I could do some good. Oh, the naiveté.

Only one other parent was game for drinking tonight, so we hung out and chattered about what summer was shaping up to for us, and then I went home... to find that I have a child that has been upchucking since bedtime. So about every half-hour, there is this funny cough throught he bay monitor, and I'm off to clean the room again. I have no idea how such a little child can hold so much fluid. But it just keeps coming.

So I'm goign to read some blogs and wait it out- at least until Blankie comes out of the dryer.

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J said...

Sounds like a rough night. How are you feeling today?
I find that is an absolute law of the universe that any time a parent of a young child has more than 2 drinks (wine, beer, whatever) their child will get sick that same night.