Saturday, May 05, 2007


I now have our first hint at original, non-scripted, totally spontaneous speech. Whenever someone spits (or spits up), or in fact when anything comes out of someone's mouth, Joey calls it "waxing." We have no clue why.

Andy is still throwing up. We had an unfortunate performance at dinner, and Joey immediately got upset, since he doesn't like messes: "Andy is WAXING!"

So when everyone started calming down, and all that was left was Joey's perservertation ("Andy is waxing.... waxing, Mommy... Andy's waxing!") we asked: why waxing? What does "waxing" mean?

"Joey," Allan asked calmly, "does 'waxing' mean you're sick?"

"Yes," Joey replied. He usually replies "yes" to a "yes/no" question. "Andy is waxing on the floor."

"Why is it 'waxing'?" we asked. Unfortunately, the response to this was so completely incoherent, I couldn't tell you exactly what he said... but it obviously made sense to him.

So "waxing" it is.


kristina said...

Trumphs are triumphs, in whatever form!

Hope Andy feels better, and soon.

J said...

My son Jason is waxing tonight. Poor kid. Jason's spontaneous speech began maybe 18 months ago, but he still answers yes to most yes/no questions. Now that he has more verbal "agility" we can work around the issue with various questions to get to the real answer.
And, by the way, Woo-hoo! A big step! Love to hear it!

Estee Klar-Wolfond said...

I hope he is better today. Waxing is no fun.

Maddy said...

Oh good o! Make ready, here it comes. We have a whole slew of 'words' from way back when. Like you, we managed to extract what the 'word' meant and then adopted it - like we have a choice here!
This is where it starts to get gleefully complicated, as mine turned into little echolalic parrots - so watch what you say as you might have to live with the consequences for a longggg time.
Best wishes