Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How Weird Was Your Day?

This was one of those weird days that seem like two or three days packed into one. We started off at the gym, wher ethe guys got to play with their friends while Mom failed to lose any more weight (as she has failed to do for now eight weeks running). The lady who runs the kid section takes special care of Joey, mostly because she likes him, and she said he was all out-of-focus today. This was bad because we were out of milk, which is a disaster. So we went to the store anyway, and we manage to get milk, but my legs are now bruised from little boys kicking their feet while riding on those little bench attachment things, and they threw hissy fits the whole time. So we went home for lunch, and Grandma came by. She had an appointment with the surgeon this morning because the radiologist wanted her to get her gall bladder out, but the surgeon told her if she isn't having any symptoms, call him when she does. This is good news, and we celebrated by having lunch delivered instead of cooking it. Then I inflated our pool and let the guys splash around in it until the sky looked threatening, but it never rained. They spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in the livingroom with various amusements and watching Little Bear. I managed to get a chicken in the oven for dinner. Very surreal.

Joey starts back to school next week. I need to sort through his clothes, organize his room, get the huge box of stuff the school wants all packed up to send in, and buy them both lunchboxes. I keep forgetting they need lunch boxes. I still don't know how many classrooms I am buying supplies for. If they split him between two teachers, do I need to send supplies for both classes?

Orientation is Thursday. I'll ask.


Club 166 said...

Sounds like a pretty good day.

We ended up having to buy stuff for both of Buddy Boy's classrooms.

bigwhitehat said...

I had an awesome day.

mumkeepingsane said...

What a day! You got a lot done. Sorry about the bruises.

Stimey said...

Between Jack's two schools, I'm supposed to take in a total of three sets of extra clothes. That's practically his whole wardrobe.

And he kicks me when he sits in the cart. I believe that he thinks it is hilarious.