Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Couch

My beautiful, wonderful mommy bought us a new couch today. I can hardly wait for it to come! It's a lovely light green to go with my livingroom, the fabric is softly comfy while seeming durable, and the lines classic.

My oldcouch belonged to my grandparents. I am very upset about losing it. As a little girl, when we spent the night at Granny and Pop's with my folks, this couch is where I slept. It was extra-deep, so very comfy for a child, and even for a teenager. (When I visited without my folks, I slept in the upstairs bedroom- I'll blog about that some other time.) It sat int eh livingroom under a huge mirror. Many a special occasion was marked by checking to see if my Granny and/or Pop would approve of my clothes, my hair, my demeanor, before setting forth. The cushions were often my fort or my playhouse or my lion's den. My little fingers would brush lovingly over the fabric, alternating between the smooth silky bckground and soft velor foreground.

However, it was also very bouncy. Joey discovered this at a very tender age, and long before we owned a trampoline. Andy followed suit. The straps and frame are broken, the springs are sagging to the floor, the fabric wearing threadbare and thin. After all, the couch- and the fabric- is 40 years old.

May the new couch last as long, and be as loved.

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Maddy said...

I feel an upholstery nightclass coming on. We have the 'old one' at the end of our bed. Makes a great launching pad [for the kids!]
Best wishes