Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to School

School is here.

Joey was in a good mood after school yesterday, and even had some words left. He did fine at speech therapy. Apparently he had some trouble with the gym teacher, but then, gym teachers aren't generally trained to deal with autistic kids who are probably tired, hungry, and frustrated towards teh end of their first day of school. One thing about avoiding meltdowns with anychild is to know when they could occur and avoid those storm conditions. With autistic kids, it can be harder to know exactly what those conditions are. Echo-y noise on top of being tired and frustrated could be a perfect storm to avoid.

We also had more biting yesterday. Joey bit Andy early, and we went home; then again before bed. Allan talked to him a long time, and finally Joey said that he was afraid of dinosaurs, the dinosaurs bite. Had Andy been pretending to be a dinosaur and scared him? Or was he putting plastic dinosaurs in Joey's face? It could be either one. At least we have some headway into the problem- and now we have to convince him to use his words, not his teeth.


ballastexistenz said...

It's interesting... with autistic people I'm generally more aware what the conditions are. Not as a hard and fast rule, but more frequently than with non-autistic people, who seem unpredictable. Perhaps it's not our inherent unpredictability, but the conflict of neurologies striking again.

Maddy said...

With you on the biting campaign / use your words.
Best wishes