Saturday, June 26, 2010

At Maymont

We took our totally awesome across-the-street neighbor on an adventure with us! We went to Maymont, where we could pet the goats and stay in the shade. We actually had a harder time with the heat than we had at Jamestown, partly because they guy who usually sells water in the gardens didn't show.

Joey took his Zhu Zhu Pet, to make sure they got to pet the goats and stuff.

So we did some goat petting, and some looking at the peacock and the chickens and the pigs. Then we wandered into the zoo, to see the bears and stroll through the gardens.

We stopped at the pavilions along the way to stay rested and cool. We also joined up with another little family who was equally disappointed by the lack of water in the garden. Fortunately, the stand in the zoo opened up.

Joey got hot the quickest, as he is heavier and doesn't like heat at all in the first place. He actually handled things very well.

We did enjoy the Japanese garden, which has a waterfall and lots of shade to keep things cool. When Joey tripped, the other mom got to him even faster than I did (that's saying something!) to help him, and all was well, no melting. Thank you, other mom!

Andy and our neighbor enjoying running about the rocks and over the stepping stones in the pond, though we had no cracker to feed the fish and the ducks. Most of the ducks were wisely sleeping, anyway.

After the hot walk, even with snowcones, we cooled off at the nature center and watched the otters play for a while.

Maymont is unfortunately no longer free. This isn't a big deal for us, as we are members, but it was sad to see admission, and that the nice gift shop had been dismantled. Another casualty of the recession. But they had done a lot of upgrading in the nature center, lots of maintenance, and things were looking good. It was also quieter than usual, which makes a big difference for my little guys.

And so our summer has begun. Next week: Andy heads to Hazelwild, and Joey and I have Science Camp! Stay tuned!

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Stimey said...

Otters are the best. I should get a pet otter.