Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Then The Morning Comes

My good buddy Stimey and I are going to Jamestowne tomorrow. And she isn't going to read this post, because she is WAY too busy packing stuff for her kids to eat and stuff, and getting ready, so she's going to just mosey on along to maybe NIksmom's site, or Xtreme Parenthood, or somewhere else cool supermoms hang out, she's not reading this one here.

Is she gone?

OK, I'm a little anxious about tomorrow. I mean, if you knew one of the super-coolest, most awesomely awesome jazzy wonderful fabulous people on Earth was coming to your house, even for just a minute, you'd do some prep for that, right? Maybe clean, get some wine, put up decorations, something. I've done nothing at all. Poor Stimey is going to get hit full in the face with my glorious lack of housekeeping skills. And all sorts of other skills. I don't usually have folks over to my house, especially this time of year. Christmas is better- the house is cleaned and decorated and sparkling, literally. But the beginning of summer? Not a chance. I'm lucky to see my livingroom floor. Except that I think it has playdough smeared on it right now. Oops.

My plan for prep is to take a shower. That's a rare thing here, a real shower in the middle of the week! At least she won't know I'm normally stinky on top of being messy.

I know it is going to be a rockin' day, even if our plans get turned up-side down by the heat- because we'll be in Camp Stimey. And if you are still here reading, Stimey, I can hardly wait- this is better than Christmas!


Stimey said...

Hey, friend. You should see my kitchen floor. It's ugly. Really ugly.

I tend to like people more when I see that they have messy houses. It makes me feel better.

If you want, we can hang out in the yard until you're ready to go. You don't actually have to invite us in.

Also, thank you for the nice things about me that you said. Now I'm nervous. It's a lot to live up to. :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Taking a shower will show her that you care about the things that are truly important. ;)